Since its foundation in 2001, DIGITAL Hearts has supported the product development of its customers by efficiently detecting flaws inherent in various software products, with accumulated testing know-how as a group that specializes in testing from a user perspective, i.e., that carries out user debugging.

As software development is getting more sophisticated, we offer various services related to development, with debugging as our major service, in order to meet the needs of our customers. Backed by an ability to immediately respond to contingencies, we aim to provide high-value-added services as a partner company of companies engaged in manufacturing.

Major Services

1. Software Debugging Service

We provide a high-quality software debugging service and have a track record of over 1,000,000 cases of bug detection and reporting. We can provide a debugging service overseas in areas including the United States, China, South Korea and Taiwan (and all over Asia, North America, Europe and other regions).

Target software products and services Summary
Games Consumer games, online games, cloud games, social games (native browser), arcade games, etc.
Recreational machines Pachinko, slot machines, etc.
Business systems Business systems such as sales management, customer management and inventory management systems
Packages Packaged software
Websites and mobile applications Websites, smartphone applications, etc.
Load testing Server load testing in Japan and abroad
Home electronics and OA equipment Home electronics items such as digital TVs, car navigation systems, digital cameras and multifunction printers

2. Security Service

As cyberattacks become more diversified and sophisticated, we help to build a safe website by finding vulnerabilities in advance, detecting any glitch immediately and providing the maximum protection. We provide services such as vulnerability assessment, manned surveillance and sales of security software.

3. Test Consulting

We help companies to resolve quality-related issues in the product development process that is getting complex and larger by leveraging our abundant knowledge and know-how. We help improve the total quality of a product by preparing a quality management plan and improving the test process from the upstream areas of the development process.

Assessment of development documents, assessment of test case, improvement of quality management method, preparation of quality management plan, preparation of test plan.

4. Localization

We can improve operational efficiency and save costs at the same time by undertaking both localization and debugging of content. In addition to translating content into various languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Korean), we also provide linguistic and voice recording services.

5. Customer Support

Ranging from a customer who has content with lots of users to a customer who is going to create content, we provide comprehensive solutions that include operational design when launching content, post monitoring and handling of inquiries, in order to meet individual needs. We also accommodate different languages.

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