Personal Information Protection Policy

In light of the growing social interest in the importance of personal information protection along with the progress of the information-oriented society, DIGITAL Hearts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) regards it as its social responsibility as a company engaging in verification services and temporary staffing services to protect personal information obtained from customers directly or through affiliated companies.
The Company hereby stipulates the Personal Information Protection Policy as follows, and commits itself to promoting personal information protection by establishing the personal information protection system and ensuring that all of its officers and employees understand the importance of personal information protection and act in compliance with the personal information protection system.

Article 1(Acquisition and use of personal information)

The Company will acquire, use and provide personal information in an appropriate manner for expressly defined purposes of use to the extent necessary for the operation of its business. Purposes of use of personal information will be described in the personal information control ledger, and the personal information manager of each department that may handle personal information will be responsible for establishing and enforcing the checking procedure to prevent any use of personal information not permitted in the purposes of use.
The Company will also establish the internal control system and security measures to prevent any use of personal information not permitted in the purposes of use.

Services of the Company

1. Verification of software and hardware (outsourcing contract / temporary staffing)
2. Security services 
3. Test consulting services
4. Localization services
5. Customer support services
6. System development services
7. Troubleshooting and system support services
8. Research and consulting services
9. Creative services
10. Operation of “”

Purposes of Use
1.Response, communication and checking relating to inquiries about the services of the Company
2.Communication and checking in providing the services of the Company
3.Marketing(Analyze and Research)
4.Service improvement, New Service development
5.Purposes related to human resources (recruiting, registration, management)
6.Response, communication and checking otherwise arising in relation to the business and administration of the Company
7.Where necessary in the operation of “”

Article2 (Legal compliance)

The Company will comply with the laws, regulations, government guidelines and other standards that are applicable to the handling of personal information retained by the Company.

Article3 (Security measures)

In order to ensure correctness and security of personal information, the Company will continue its information security measures and take other necessary measures for correction and prevention of divulgence, loss and damage of personal information.

Article4 (Procedure to request disclosure, etc. of personal information)

In the event that the owner of personal information wishes to request the Company to disclose, notify purposes of use of, correct, add or delete the content, cease to use or cease to provide to third parties their information, they may do so by contacting the personal information inquiries desk set out below. Requests for disclosure of personal information and notification of purposes of use will cost 500 yen per request, including postage.

Article5 (Response to inquiries and complaints)

The Company will establish the organization and procedure to accept and respond to inquiries and complaints concerning the personal information retained by the Company and process them in a timely manner.

Article6 (Continuous improvement of the personal information protection system)

The Company will implement continuous improvement of the personal information protection system and related procedures.

Article7 (Revision of this Policy)

The Company may revise this Policy from time to time as in response to changes in applicable laws and regulations and otherwise as necessary for ensuring personal information protection. The revised Personal Information Protection Policy will become effective at the time of its posting on the Company’s website unless otherwise designated by the Company.

Established on July 1, 2006
Revised on October 1, 2017
DIGITAL Hearts Co., Ltd.
Genichi Tamatsuka, Representative Director
Contact information for inquiries and complaints about personal information
Personal Information Inquiries Desk (in Administrative Department)
Personal Information Manager
Director Toshiya Tsukushi
3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1432
Tel: +81-3-3379-2053
Name and contact information of the authorized personal information protection
organization of which the Company is a member
Japan Information Processing Development Corporation(JIPDEC)
PrivacyMark Promotion Center
Personal Information Protection Complaints Desk
Tel: +81-120-700-779