DIGITAL HEARTS concludes a business alliance with transcosmos inc. to establish the one-stop solutions for gaming industries in Asia

 DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ” DIGITAL HEARTS”) announced that it has concluded a business alliance with transcosmos inc. (“transcosmos”) on March 8, 2022 aiming to establish top-level one-stop solutions for game industry in Japan.

 DIGITAL HEARTS has developed its Debugging businesses to detect bugs in game software, and it has built strong ties of trust with domestic game makers and established a solid position as a quality-control partner. This is based on the know-how and its achievements to provide high-quality services that it has accumulated since its foundation. In addition, through collaboration with group companies, it has developed a wide range of services to provide comprehensive support for game software development, including debugging service, development support, 2D/3D graphics production, and also promotional support utilizing our group’s, one of the Japan’s largest comprehensive game information site. In recent years, we have been focusing on expanding our global services, such as translating and LQA (Linguistic Quality Assurance) and promotional support, which are required when client game makers expand their game titles to the global market, with newly acquired DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Marketing and Solutions Limited (formerly Metaps Entertainment Limited, “DHX”), which has strengths in marketing support in the Asian region, particularly for clients in China.

 transcosmos offers global services that help businesses enhance end user experience, such as digital marketing and contact center operations. In particular, in digital marketing, they have strengths in SNS advertising management, and have achieved successes in marketing campaigns for various game titles in Japan and overseas. For their global operations, transcosmos has built a network to support the global expansion of domestic clients with their own 171 bases in 30 countries and regions worldwide, mainly in Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

 Aiming to strengthen our business base for a wide range of services, including marketing support and contact center operations in Japan, in addition to further expanding the business base of DHX in Asia, and to develop the Europe and the U.S. markets in the future, DIGITAL HEARTS has decided to form a business alliance with transcosmos, a company that provides a wide range of services, including digital marketing and contact center operations. By combining the services, know-how, and client bases of both companies, we will provide comprehensive support services to meet client demands with the highest quality in the industry, including services for software development, promotion, and operation of game software in Japan and in the global market.

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