DIGITAL HEARTS signed a business alliance in the test engineer training business with RBCS Inc., established by the global authority for software testing – To develop engineers handling cutting-edge software testing with world-class training programs –

 DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DIGITAL HEARTS”) has signed a business alliance with Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc. (“RBCS”), a U.S. company that provides software testing training and consulting services in October 2021. In this alliance, DIGTAL HEARTS has begun new efforts to develop engineers who can handle cutting-edge software testing. And further, CTSO (Chief Testing Solution Officer) of DIGITAL HEARTS, Juichi TAKAHASHI, will customize their world-class training program for Japanese customers and provide new programs to engineers inside and outside the company.

 DIGITAL HEARTS is deploying businesses primarily in software testing and cyber security services, and we are focusing on training a variety of engineers that are essential to our businesses expansion. In order to improve various testing engineers skills, DIGITAL HEARTS provides a variety of in-house training programs, including educational programs for acquiring ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), a qualification for software testing engineers, and e-learning contents related to testing methods, and so on. In addition, DIGITAL HEARTS focuses to improve their engineers’ knowledge and skill by using regularly in-house training program with with CTSO “Juichi TAKAHASHI”, one of the leaders in the software testing industry in Japan, and CTO “Kazutaka JOKURA” who has good enough experience of agile QA.
 Also, in order to improve testing engineer education programs and to develop a more systematic learning system, DIGITAL HEARTS would start business alliance with the U.S. company RBCS, which provides training and consulting services for software testing.
 RBCS is established by Rex BLACK and is the worldwide authority for software testing. Since starting point of the comany in 1994, RBCS provides specialized software testing services to clients in a variety of areas, from embedded systems to game software, banking, security, defense systems, medical products, and healthcare. In particular, RBCS has a strength of achievements and output for training. The training progrom offers more than tens of thousands of engineers in dozens of countries. It offers state-of-the-art testing practices that leverage the knowledge of Rex BLACK, one of ISTQB’s founder.
 In the future, DIGITAL HEARTS would improve software testing methodologies and its practical method in Japan. Its activities offers to DIGITAL HEARTS engineers as well as DIGITAL HEARTS’s customers. Cosequently, we expect to solve shortage of testing engineers in Japan, CTSO in DIGITAL HEARTS mentioned.

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