DIGITAL HEARTS and NTT Resonant Cooperate in the Testing Solutions Field

 DIGITAL HEARTS, Co. Ltd. (Headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Genichi Tamatsuka; hereinafter referred to as “DIGITAL HEARTS”) and NTT Resonant Incorporated (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Ken Kusunoki; hereinafter referred to as “NTT Resonant”) announced today that they will cooperate on the further development of businesses in the field of software testing solutions.

 By integrating the advanced technological competence of NTT Resonant accumulated through its operation of the cloud-based testing service “Remote TestKit” and abundant human resources, as well as the track records and testing knowhow of DIGITAL HEARTS, the two companies will support service testing, from the design stage to implementation, as a one-stop service.

1. Background

 Recently, the IT industry has experienced a serious shortage of human resources. In addition, the load of testing operations has increased due to the diversification of devices, and automation and labor saving have become urgent tasks to be tackled. However, barriers exist such as the shortage of technological competence and increased costs for the in-house development of environments and in-house performance of testing operations, making it difficult to solve such issues.

 NTT Resonant has provided testing environments for the actual operations of smartphones and tablet terminals, and functions for automatically testing devices that are operable from the cloud on the Remote TestKit application. On the other hand, DIGITAL HEARTS, boasting its strength of its human resources such as approximately 8,000 registered testers with IT literacy and its abundant testing knowhow accumulated since its foundation, has performed testing on a wide variety of software, such as gaming software, web systems and business operation systems to support the development of high-quality products for customers. With the cooperation, DIGITAL HEARTS and NTT Resonant aim for the further development of businesses in the testing solutions field by making use of the strengths of the respective companies.

2. Overview of the testing solution to be provided by the cooperation

 The testing solution by NTT Resonant and DIGITAL HEARTS will offer, as a one-stop service, the platform of Remote TestKit and the knowhow for solutions that DIGITAL HEARTS has accumulated. With this solution, NTT Resonant and DIGITAL HEARTS will offer solutions with a wide variety of alternatives to corporations experiencing issues related to service testing.

(1) Description of the service

 Among the processes of design, environment establishment and implementation in service testing, the Remote TestKit application is useful in the design and environment establishment processes, while DIGITAL HEARTS is highly experienced in performing the design and the implementation processes. This testing solution supports all processes as a one-stop service suitably devised to solve the issues arising in the processes of service testing.

Service contents

Image of the testing solution

 This solution will offer design for achieving high quality, lower costs and shorter delivery time through interviews by the testing engineers of the two companies to corporations examining optimum testing methods.

Environment establishment:
 This solution will offer the establishment of testing environments which usually takes time and labor cost, in a shorter time at lower costs by making use of the cloud device environment and other features of the Remote TestKit application.

 This solution will realize flexible responses and the reduction of implementation costs to solve the issues of insufficient skills and the shortage of human resources by using the strengths of DIGITAL HEARTS, with approximately 8,000 registered testers and abundant testing knowhow.

(2) Offering of this solution will commence on:

July 4, 2019

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3. Future development

 Under such circumstances in which smartphones are about to become part of the social infrastructure, NTT Resonant and DIGITAL HEARTS will promote activities for raising awareness for the importance of testing by offering of the testing solution for companies that have potential issues with service testing.


Information about NTT Resonant (

 NTT Resonant has been in charge of higher layer services in the NTT Group such as “goo,” the portal site established in 1997, and B2C services as the online “NTT-X Store.” In addition, NTT Resonant has developed solutions and provided them globally with its expertise and knowhow in B2C services and its technologies and platforms that support such services.

Information about Remote TestKit (

 The Remote TestKit provided by NTT Resonant is a service that enables the testing of smartphone applications and websites for smartphones on the cloud. Users are not required to purchase actual devices and are allowed to test the operations of more than 700 models of smartphones and tablet terminals on the cloud. In addition, this service offers enterprise plans that allow the establishment and customization of environments dedicated to each customer. More than 1,600 corporations, including DIGITAL HEARTS, have introduced the Remote TestKit.

Information about DIGITAL HEARTS (

 DIGITAL HEARTS has been developing its business centered on debugging and system testing services for detecting software malfunctions, and has been supporting the improvement of quality of a wide variety of software, such as gaming software, smartphone applications and business operation systems. DIGITAL HEARTS has abundant human resources, including testing engineers, and testing knowhow accumulated to date. It has promoted the development of testing engineers to be the company with the largest number of qualified software test engineers in Japan, and it as bolstered its ability to efficiently and flexibly offering highly accurate testing services as its greatest strength. In addition, DIGITAL HEARTS has been offering a wide variety of services, such as system development, IT support and security services, which are highly compatible with debugging and system testing services, including services from the development stage to the maintenance and operation stages.

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