DIGITAL HEARTS Establishes a Security Operation Center “DH-SOC”, and Starts Supplying “DH-MDR Service” (Managed Detection & Response)

 DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “DIGITAL HEARTS”) announced today that it established a security operation center “DH-SOC” and started supply of a managed detection and response service “DH-MDR Service” from December 2018, as the first service supplied by DH-SOC.

 With the recently increasing need among any sizes of enterprises to introduce cyber security tools and make appropriate responses, DIGITAL HEARTS established the DH-SOC, a security operation center of about 50 staff members including in-house dedicated staff, to establish a system capable of promptly providing support by a team of experts. And it started the DH-MDR Service capable of reducing and optimizing the operation load for responding to cyber-attacks on customers at a reasonable cost. The DH-MDR Service is compatible with different endpoint security products, such as CB Defense (supplied by Carbon Black, Inc., a US company), FireEye Endpoint Security (supplied by FireEye, Inc., a US company) (Note: the name of the companies are in alphabetical order), and when an incident occurs at any of a customer’s endpoints, such as PC terminals installed at the customer’s office, the DH-MDR Service provides several supports such as a report summarizing information including a “description of the incidence,” “level of risk,” and “responses that should be taken” within 60 minutes of receipt of the alert by DH-SOC. The Service also provides support for an appropriate initial response, support for responses to be taken after intrusion, such as remote isolation of the attacked endpoints, support for threat elimination including the elimination of malware, and support for recurrence prevention measures. Because the DH-SOC performs most of the incident response flow in the DH-MDR Service, the operation load on the customer side can be greatly reduced. The Service is also capable of satisfying the needs of small and medium enterprise customers that have problems such as a lack of employees with the sufficient expertise or experience.

 We will continue our efforts to expand our system testing business in the enterprise field and to further reinforce our security business, and endeavor to continue contributing to the building of a safe and secure digital society.

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