DIGITAL Hearts Reaches Agreement with GNT Group on Foundation of Testing Joint Venture Company in Vietnam Aiming to Significantly Strengthen Testing Structure to Respond to Larger-Scale and Diversified Projects

 DIGITAL Hearts Co., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as “DIGITAL Hearts”) has announced that it has reached agreements with GNT Inc. and their subsidiary, GNTVN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter both referred to as “GNT Group”) to respectively forma business alliance and to create a testing company in Vietnam (hereinafterreferred to as “DIGITAL HEARTS GNT VIET NAM”). 


1. Background of business alliance and foundation of joint venture company

 DIGITAL Hearts is focusing on the expansion of its system testing business in which software problems are detected by creating a structure to provide high-quality services through human resources with a high degree of professionalism and testing skills.

 In addition, for more than 10 years, the GNT Group has operated an offshore development business in Vietnam, where the number of engineers with advanced IT skills is increasing. Since many of its clients are Japan-based companies, GNT Group’s development hub in Vietnam has numerous engineers who are able to respond in Japanese and achieve the quality that is required in Japan.

 The business alliance and foundation of a joint venture company are agreed upon with the purpose of building a structure for providing services that respond to a variety of needs from development all the way to testing, securing skilled test engineers, implementing tests with the quality required in Japan, and expanding testing capacity, all through the combination of DIGITAL Hearts’ testing expertise and the GNT Group’s knowledge and local development network. 


2. Details of business alliance and foundation of joint venture company

 (i) Through the collaboration between both companies, a structure to provide comprehensive services from development to the testing process will be established in order to win an increased number of contracts and obtain large-scale contracts.

 (ii) A joint venture testing company will be founded in Vietnam to secure and foster a great number of skilled testing engineers with a variety of skills and establish a testing structure that can deliver the quality required in Japan. 


3. Future developments

 In order to accelerate the growth of the system-testing business, DIGITAL HEARTS GNT VIET NAM will acquire 100 testing engineers as early as possible to enlargen its capacity for accepting orders and to build a testing structure that can respond to a variety of testing needs. 


[Outline of joint venture company]

LocationHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
RepresentativeToshimitsu Kamiya (planned)
Start of operationExpected May 2018


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