DIGITAL Hearts to Newly Establish Matsuyama Lab.

– Signing Location Agreement with Ehime Prefecture and Matsuyama City,

Promoting Regional Revitalization by Offering Job Opportunities –


DIGITAL Hearts is pleased to announce that it will open a new Lab. in Matsuyama, Ehime to handle debugging and testing orders that are expected to increase in the future. The company has also signed a location agreement for the Lab. with Ehime Prefecture and Matsuyama City.


By leveraging abundant manpower of over 8,000 testers and debugging services customized to flexibly respond to clients’ needs, DIGITAL Hearts has been expanding its business, obtaining experience in debugging and testing for a variety of software over the past 17 years since being established.

With the progress of Internet technology and the expanding IoT (Internet of Things) trend, software development is increasing and becoming more complicated, and as a result, debugging and testing needs are expanding.

Under these circumstances, to flexibly respond to those needs, DIGITAL Hearts has been strengthening its capability to receive orders by performing debugging at Labs located throughout Japan and actively recruiting testers. At the same time, the company has been striving to offer job opportunities for young people in Japan and carry out talent development.

Matsuyama Lab. is the first Lab. in the Shikoku region, and this establishment enables the company to recruit and utilize potentially qualified people in regional areas the company was not able to approach in the past.

Technical support services, which are becoming more diverse and sophisticated in the IoT era, and other new services, will be promoted in collaboration at the Lab. with NTT MARKETING ACT.

With strong support from Ehime Prefecture and Matsuyama City, DIGITAL Hearts will continuously commit to enhancing corporate value through focusing on cultivating highly specialized and skilled talent as well as contributing to regional revitalization by encouraging job opportunities in Ehime Prefecture. 

[Overview of Matsuyama Lab.] 
 1.NameMatsuyama Lab.  
 2.Location  3-6, Wakakusacho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
 3.Start of operationDecember 2017 (planned)
 4.Total floor area847.16㎡


<Location Agreement Signing Ceremony>

From left to right: Tokihiro Nakamura, Governor of Ehime Prefecture, 

Genichi Tamatsuka, President of DIGITAL Hearts Co., Ltd., and 

Katsuhito Noshi, Mayor of Matsuyama City