DIGITAL Hearts to Carry Out Autonomous Driving Tests

– Contributing to Technology Development in Cooperation with Shibaura Institute of Technology Working on Cutting-Edge Research on Autonomous Driving –


DIGITAL Hearts will start autonomous driving tests from May 2017 to promote research on technology development of safe autonomous driving conducted at the Functional Control Systems Course of Department of System Engineering and Science of Shibaura Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “SIT”).


Our Group has been accumulating experience in testing various systems by delivering debugging services in which we detect software defects from the users’ perspectives. Recently, with the technology development of autonomous driving, there are increasing needs for driving tests. In this situation, we have been gaining experience by actively providing driving test services to the automobile industry.


As a result of this effort, the total number of testers conducting driving tests exceeded 800. The number of DIGITAL Hearts’s testers specializing in automobiles is increasing. Thus, DIGITAL Hearts has been developing its own business base to support quality enhancement for the automobile industry by accumulating experience in providing services.


Looking ahead to the coming autonomous vehicle economy, SIT has been pursuing optimal support for drivers by academically making its unique analysis and research on their unconscious behaviors and actions while they are in autonomous driving vehicles, as well as user interface in automobiles, in order to realize safe, comfortable, more effective driving, making efforts to contribute to technological development of safe autonomous driving suited to different types of drivers.


DIGITAL Hearts was highly appreciated for its experience in performing driving tests and usability tests. Under the situation, the company will provide driving test services to SIT.


Safety and usability testings will be carried out using bodily sensation data collected through driving tests performed by different types of drivers under various situations, in order to check how drivers and passengers act and behave in autonomous driving vehicles. 


Our Group will make continuous efforts to establish its own business base to support automobile quality enhancement by accumulating know-how though responding flexibly to needs for debugging and collecting data in automobile industry, with the aim of supporting the future technology development of autonomous driving and contributing to creation of safe automobile society. 



*The research by SIT is conducted with Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JP16K00281) (kakenhi).

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