President Genichi Tamatsuka
We strive to rapidly innovate and answer the needs of a quickly-evolving digital era.

Since being professionally established in 2001, we, DIGITAL Hearts, have been performing debugging from a user perspective and have identified and reported over 1.3 million software bugs while providing services to more than 2,000 clients as a partner assisting in developing their products.

With the expanding IoT (Internet of Things) trend, software is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and complicated while the shortage of IT talent in software development deepens. Under these situations, the risks of software defects are growing and their impact on the economy is becoming more significant every year.

We expect that, in this rapidly-changing digital era, debugging is a key to software quality assurance and that our role and responsibility of performing debugging will be ever-more important as the need for debugging increases in the future.

By utilizing abundant manpower and reliable methods that clients trust, we have established a unique debugging service customized to quickly and flexibly respond to clients’ needs while continuing to pursue new approaches and knowledge.

To meet the expectations of clients who believe in what we and only we can do as well as answering the need for debugging across every industry, DIGITAL Hearts will continue to commit to the growth of our skilled technical workforce and enhance the quality of our services with our clients’ trust in our hearts.

President Genichi Tamatsuka