Protect the security and safety of the digital society as a software testing provider

With “SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD” as our mission, we have supported our clients’ high-quality product development as a partner in the field of manufacturing by providing a wide range of services, including debugging/system testing to detect software malfunctions, and cyber security related services, and IT system maintenance and operation.

With the expanding IoT (Internet of Things) trend, software is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. The risk of failure to cause the serious impact on society is expanding year by year. In such a fast-changing digital era, our roles and responsibilities for software quality and security have been growing increasingly, and this kind of demand will grow further in the future.

By utilizing abundant human resource and reliable technological capability, we have established unique services quickly and flexibly responding to clients’ needs, and we always pursue new approaches and develop our knowledge day by day.

To meet the expectations of clients who believe in what only we can do as well as the needs for software testing across every industry, DIGITAL HEARTS will continue to pursue the development of expert human resource with rich skills and the improvement of our service quality with our clients’ trust and with strong believes in our hearts.

President Yasumasa Ninomiya